Rev. Zenji Nio

Rev. Zenji Nio is an inspirational speaker who has empowered millions of people around the world. What makes his voice unique is that he is the only personal growth expert who combines Western motivational speaking with Buddhist spirituality of the Samurai and Shaolin warriors.From world leaders and Olympians to law enforcement and people with disabilities, Nio has worked with all strata of society to make a lasting difference and promote compassion and light in a world that too often thrives in darkness. Furthermore, while presenting timeless Samurai Buddhist philosophy in a cool new way to motivate today's demographics, Nio has been dubbed the "Martin Luther of Buddhism" by Yale University Chaplain Johnson for bringing back a sense of authenticity to Eastern practices. Nio is also the only Westerner to head his own Temple & Museum in Japan and the only Westerner invited by the Govt of India to speak before an audience of 2 million people. 
Lauded by the National Post and Vancouver Sun as "the most sought-after chaplain of the Pan Am & Parapan Am Games" - the most ambitious American sporting event in history, Rev. Nio is the spiritual coach to dozens of award-winning Olympians all over the world. He made history by launching the first museum in an Athletes Village. It was visited by the Premier of Ontario and Lt. Governor on behalf of her majesty the Queen as well as cited as "the biggest attraction in the Athlete's Village" by the Canadian media. and according to Sports Canada "made an impact unseen at any Games before" .
As a motivational speaker, Nio uniquely combines Eastern philosophy with soaring British eloquence and has delivered raved about speeches before the nation's highest leaders from John McCallum, Minister of Citizenship, Joe Oliver, Minister of Finance and Chris Alexander, Minister of Immigration to Jason Kenney, Minister of Defense and Paul Hellyer, former Acting Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau; from US President Obama's associate Gerald Durley, protege of Martin Luther King Jr. and Cardinal Collins, advisor to Pope Francis to James George, Canadian High-Commissioner and Liasion for the Dalai Lama and Jean Augustine, founder of Black History month. Nio's soaring speeches have even caught the attention of senior Clinton advisers as well as influential Republican leaders - for Nio's message of inspiration transcends party lines.
Nio was also  lauded in a UN Report as an authentic voice for the majority people of Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Macau who still follows spiritual traditions started by Nio's own ancestors centuries ago.  Furthermore, as the CEO of the Samurai Museum for Motivation and Meditation, Rev. Nio manages one of the world's largest collections of art, artifacts and manuscripts by the greatest Samurai warriors as well as Buddhist monks and painters in Asian history. His landmark exhibit "Enlightenment" was sponsored by the Government of Canada, inaugurated by the Minister of Immigration and attended by the Lt. Governor on behalf of her Majesty the Queen. Nio is also involved in the most comprehensive film ever made on the Code of the Samurai.

Rev. Nio is also the Head of the Kannon Initiative for Compassion which works with noted charities around the world to give a voice to those who have none. From fighting for social justice in Washington DC, or feeding the poor in India or battling human trafficking in Nepal, Rev. Nio's team works to promote social and global welfare for the marginalized members of society. Nio has also worked on landmark projects with Nobel-Laureate Mother Teresa and President of India Dr. Kalaam and his team has a won a gold medal from the President of India for the preservation of spiritual heritage linked to the Golden eras of India, Japan and China. For more information, please visit
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Quotable Quotes


An eminent international level thinker" -- Times of India


"A world-renowned authority who travels the world... when he speaks the world listens"



"An authentic voice for the peoples of Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea who still follow the Buddhist traditions founded by his ancestors"

UN Report


"The world's foremost Buddhist expert and only one to possess the original manuscripts of the Buddha" - Indian Express


"The Martin Luther of Buddhism" - Rev, Johnson, Yale University, George Washington


Also profiled by the Olympics Media, Hello Magazine, BBC, CBC, National Post and more....


A few quick reviews..,7906212.html


In addition, the Govt. of India recognizes Rev. Nio as an "Acharya" and has given his temples the Highest Distinction of "Heritage Temples of National Importance" - with similar signage to India's best known sites such as Vulture's Peak, Nalanda, Ajanta et all. As a result, Nio's team has won an award from the President of India and his family altar of the Buddhist Divinity Kannon has been placed in the Indian Museum. Rev. Nio is privy to insights and information on Eastern spirituality that one cannot read in text books or Wikipedia and is using this singular knowledge to inspire, motivate and empower today's demographics in an unprecedented manner.
In addition, Zenji has taught spiritual practices in Tokyo,Kyoto, Nara, Koya-san, Nagano and Osaka as well as Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong and is  the only expert to use Sanskrit-based mantra meditation of the iconic Lotus Sutra - the favorite text of many influential leaders from Mahatma Gandhi and Rosa Parks to Tina Turner who credits it with helping her overcome many personal challenges. Zenji has lectured all over the world from Washington to Mumbai to millions of people and rave reviews generated by his message of hope.


Though born in Canada, Zenji lived in the UK and then went to India where he underwent the most arduous training imaginable to be worthy of his uber lineage - from shaving his head, renouncing everything and meditating in the same caves used by the  Buddha to translating the most important scriptures and then applying the teachings to overcome great challenges thus proving they actually work in real-life. What others merely read about in books, Nio has actually lived. Nio has even used different titles in accordance with the custom of "anatman" or "ego-lessness". He is also the first to teach Sanskrit chanting in the ruins of Nalanda - the world's foremost university in 1000 years. For more information, please visit





As a result of his unique experience and credentials, Rev. Nio has won superlative reviews for unforgettable speeches at many prestigious venues from the National Museum of Delhi and Parliament of World Religions in the US to the University of Toronto and Legislature Grounds of the Canadian Parliament. Rev. Nio also serves as the Chair of Media for the RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commanding Officer's Diversity Council alongside Canada's top law enforcement officers and National Security Experts.


Zenji has also been a lifelong supporter of Dalits and Untouchables of India & works to help all marginalized peoples.


Zenji is also very committed to standing in solidarity with the Jewish community in association with the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and battling anti-Semitism. For more information, please visit

What makes Rev. Nio stand out even more is that he presents such timeless wisdom in a cool new way for today's mainstream audiences and younger generations. Be it through powerful motivational speaking or historic art exhibits or even a sleek feature film in production to uphold the tenets of the Bushido, Rev. Nio has a proven track record of helping athletes and patients, CEOs and students overcome great odds - from career-setbacks and crises to even cancer and health challenges. As more and more people are turning to Eastern practices such as yoga, meditation and Karma, Rev. Nio is in a unique position to spread a message of inspiration and empowerment on a global scale. 


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