The Samurai legacy

The greatest Samurai warriors in history were devout Buddhists who subscribed to various Buddhist traditions.


They included Samurai warriors who believed in the Almighty Buddhist Divinity Kannon, as well as some who honored the Lotus Sutra as well as some who believed in the Pure Land of Amida. Many Samurai also practiced meditation per the Zen Buddhist tradition.

Nio is working with many Buddhist leaders around the world to promote the Bushido and the Shaolin mindset to inspire and empower future generations in a cool and yet meaningful way.



Japanese priests

Rev. Nio is an expert in Japanese spiritual traditions used by the Samurai

Buddhist Churches of America

Rev. Nio is finding ways to make Eastern spirituality cool and exciting for today's youth.

Lotus Sutra

The Lotus Sutra has inspired Gandhi, Rosa Parks and Tina Turner as well as General Ieyasu.

Great Zenmasters

Rev. Nio with one of his advisers from the Jogye Order of Zen meditation.

Bodhidharma - Samurai & Shaolin

Rev. Nio met with Zen leaders to work out how the Shaolin & Samurai prototypes as well as the uber cool Bodhidharma can inspire the youth and mainstream

Power of Art

Rev. Nio uses art to inspire motivation and spirituality....



Meditation Expertise

Rev. Nio's expertise in meditation has been praised by many Buddhist leaders.

Social Empowerment

Rev. Nio met with social workers to discuss ways to empower those oppressed by the caste system.

Gandhi's protege

Gandhi's protege Karunamayee chanted the iconic Lotus Sutra and confirmed that Gandhi gave it the highest priority in prayer sessions

Prince Shotoku

Rev. Nio & Rev. Miyaki-san discussed the importance of Prince Shotoku who founded the world's oldest constitution

Canadian Screening

Rev. Nio was featured in a film that premiered opposite Oprah Winfrey's "Belief"