Using film as a way to inspire heroism

and pay tribute to the Code of the Samurai

Zenji Nio has always seen the medium of cinema as a way to promote positive consciousness and inspiration. He began his involvement with the performing arts by winning numerous awards in theater as a youth. While paying his dues in the world of independent cinema, Nio made a sleek feature film that had many new aspects unprecedented in non-studio films. Like most independent films, it was not meant for theatric release but to provide a vehicle for talented artists to hone their craft and showcase their work.


This gave Nio the opportunity to work with a fight director of John Woo - the legendary director of Face Off, MI2 and Killer. Using cinema to promote heroic ideals is a key way to engage today's audience.

As a result, Nio was invited to meet with Hollywood's biggest power players and was in talks to direct a feature film involving major A-list stars. However, Nio's interest was in making films that made a difference instead of contributing to all the negativity in the world. Hence, Nio decided to focus on his public speaking and humanitarian engagements. 


However, Nio was fortunate to work as a senior consultant on many major TV shows on ABC, NBC, Fox, CBC, City TV et all and he donated all of the income earned towards charitable projects.  Furthermore, many of the greatest Japanese monks used art and calligraphy to promote noble ideals but always used pseudonyms and different seals in the spirit of egolessness. Nio has continued this tradition


All of this good karma has come together on a new project that will be completely unprecedented in many ways. Stay tuned for more information.