Unique voice for Asian

communities worldwide

Zenji has a unique voice in the world of Buddhism. Here are a few facts:



1] He is the only contemporary expert in Buddhism who is registered with the Government of India as head of the oldest Buddhist lineage in the world. Ancient Buddhist artifacts from Zenji's own family temples have been kept in the Indian museum.



2] He is the only Westerner whose family temples have been declared Heritage Sites of National Importance and given the same signage as the Buddha's Homes including Mahabodhi Temple, Vulture's Peak and Nalanda.



3] He is the only contemporary expert to have ministered to Buddhists from all nations from Japan and China to Taiwan and Hong Kong to South Korea and Singapore to even Bhutan and Mongolia as well as even Sri Lanka and Thailand.



4] He is the only contemporary expert able to recite the cardinal texts including the Lotus and Amida Sutras from memory in their original language of Sanskrit.



5] The Avalokiteshwara statue from his own family temples has been authenticated to be a contemporary of Shotoku Taishi's Kannon at Shittenoji in Osaka - Japan's first official temple. Nio has conducted session all across Japan and China as well as India Sri Lanka and Nepal.



6] He has been cited by a UN report as an authentic voice for the highly industrialized Mahayana nations of Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau.


7] He is the head of the Kannon Bodhisattva Compassion Initiative that makes a difference in the remotest villages of the world.

8] He has inspired millions of people around the world and continues to do so every day.

Above all, he considers himself nothing more than a servant of Buddha and a servant of humanity.





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